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I’m running for the Iowa Senate because it’s time to turn the page. We need legislators who are solution oriented and turn away from the heated partisanship that has come to dominate our political discourse. We need legislators who are committed to working together for all Iowans. There is so much as Iowans we can agree on; from working to make sure all Iowans have access to affordable health care, to protecting our bounty of natural resources, to insuring that our kids receive a first class education—as my generation did. We can do this and more, so much more, but that effort starts with you. Contributions can be made by sending a check made out to "Warth for Iowa" to Warth for Iowa, 801 Park Place, West Burlington IA 52655, or they can be made online by using the "Contribute" link below.

                        WARTH for IOWA
                           801 Park Place
                           West Burlington, IA 52655