Kevin K. Warth for Iowa Senate

I’m running for the Iowa Senate because it’s time to turn the page. Now is the time for new ideas and fresh voices. I’m running to provide a fresh perspective and new leadership that is solution oriented, one that values the needs of Iowans over political posturing and short-lived political wins. I’m running because I believe unbridled partisanship has become corrosive to our state, because bumper sticker politics are a poor substitute for honest dialogue, because respectful disagreement and meaningful conversation allow for compromise, and with it progress, instead of paralysis and gridlock.

Looking to the Horizon

“When my dad taught me how to drive, he taught me to look to the horizon. Iowans have traditionally done this and left our state better for the next generation. We need legislators who are committed to working together for all Iowans, who are committed to looking toward the horizon, and to leaving Iowa better for future generations. To that end we must set aside yesterday’s hurts and grievances and with clear eyes focus on today’s challenges. It is what our fathers and grandfathers expect of us; it is what our children and grandchildren deserve from us.”

- Kevin Warth
   Candidate for Iowa State Senate District 44

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An Iowa Heritage

During the Great Depression, my Great-grandfather Albert Warth purchased a farm consisting of two eighty-acre parcels west of Mediapolis. He subsequently sent a letter to my grandfather Lucian Warth—who at the time was an accountant for the Pullman Car & Manufacturing Co. in Chicago—and asked him to come back home to Iowa and help on the newly purchased farm. Since then, the original farm has been worked by Albert and his son Lucian, passed to his grandsons Gary and Keith—my dad and uncle—and finally to his great-grandsons Mark and Kevin, my brother and me. The house where my great grandparents and grandparents lived, where an aunt, two uncles, and my dad were raised, and where my brothers, sisters, cousins, and I made many fond memories at Thanksgiving and Christmas, no longer stands on our farm--though the old dinner bell resurrected by my dad and two Crimson King red maples planted by Grandpa Warth are still there.

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On Tuesday, June 2, 2020 vote for
Kevin Warth for Iowa Senate