Kevin K. Warth for Iowa Senate

An Iowa Heritage — Our family farm

Grandpa and Grandma Warth with Uncle Keith, Aunt Lucia, and Dad,
on the front porch of the original house

"During the Great Depression, my Great-grandfather Albert Warth purchased a farm consisting of two eighty-acre parcels west of Mediapolis. He subsequently sent a letter to my grandfather Lucian Warth—who at the time was an accountant for the Pullman Car & Manufacturing Co. in Chicago—and asked him to come back home to Iowa and help on the newly purchased farm. Since then, the original farm has been worked by Albert and his son Lucian, passed to his grandsons Gary and Keith—my dad and uncle—and finally to his great-grandsons Mark and Kevin, my brother and me. The house where my great grandparents and grandparents lived, where an aunt, two uncles, and my dad were raised, and where my brothers, sisters, cousins, and I made many fond memories at Thanksgiving and Christmas, no longer stands on our farm--though the old dinner bell resurrected by my dad and two Crimson King red maples planted by my Grandpa Warth are still there.While things have changed on the Warth family farm, from farming with horses as great-grandpa did to using modern technology like GPS which allows for variable rate fertilizer application and planting like we do today, the core values and lessons of the Iowa landscape and her people remain unchanged. It is here where I learned the importance of attention to detail, of working hard and doing your best. It is here where I learned that sometimes our best efforts are not enough to ensure success, and also that while storms may come, if we remain committed to doing our best that those efforts are worthwhile for their own sake and more likely than not will be rewarded in the long run. It is here where I learned the importance of being honest and trustworthy, to firmly stand on what you know and believe to be right, and to humbly and quickly admit to being wrong after being shown that you are. These are a few of the lessons many of us learned growing up in Iowa and they are lessons that will follow me to Des Moines if you choose me to represent you in the Iowa Senate"


Meet Kevin

Kevin is the oldest of six children born to Gary and Susan Warth. A seventh generation Iowan, he was raised on a farm west of Mediapolis in Des Moines County, like many farm kids he learned to drive a tractor before he could drive a car, and he grew up helping his dad and uncle on the family farm. After working in construction and owning his own small business, he returned to the family farm--to farm with with his brother Mark--after the passing of his father. Kevin has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Government. His wife Sara is from Burlington where she earned an associate’s degree in nursing at Southeastern Community College, and now holds a Doctorate in Nursing practice.




On Tuesday, June 2, 2020 vote for
Kevin Warth for Iowa Senate